.30-06 OUTDOORS BOA Compound Wrist Sling Green

.30-06 Outdoors

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Product Overview

The BOA Compound Bow Wrist Sling from .30-06 Outdoors is made of durable silicone rubber that holds its shape and are easy to use. Wrist slings ensure that you dont lose your grip on your bow, whether its due to rainy weather or hunting from a tree stand where a fall could damage your bow. These silicone rubber wrist slings are designed to not hold scent, so that game wont be able to smell you of your equipment while youre hunting. Bright colors allow you to customize your bow and make it easier to find your grip while youre watching game during a hunt. The BOA Wrist Sling is also adjustable to accommodate most archers; available in 8 colors. Keep your bow close to you and safe with the BOA Compound Bow Wrist Sling.